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CHAPT 7- The Little Devil on My Shoulder

“From that point, I had a little devil sitting on my shoulder, whispering demeaning and dreadful things into my ear. I fully believed what my little devil was saying, but there was a part of me that understood the voice wasn’t me.”

CHAPT 8- Closing my Heart or The Illusion of Freedom

“So many of us repeat our patterns unwittingly, without thought. We move, change jobs or find a new spouse because we believe our prison is outside of us. We think we are suffocating because of our wives or husbands or co-workers. Yet, oftentimes, we suffocate in the prison that is ourselves.”

CHAPT 9- Reinforcing the Left-Brain

“My sensitivity to other realms was alive and well when I went home on vacations. In the US, it was easy for me to close that door. I was becoming a healthcare professional who believed in “evidence-based practice.” If you couldn’t prove it, it didn’t exist.”

CHAPT 10- The New York Years

“Much as I loved it, however, part of me longed for the presence of nature. My soul always found a way to emerge when I was in nature, but in the Big Apple, I was hemmed in by concrete and skyscrapers. Not even majestic Central Park could sooth my longing, as every inch of the 843-acre park bustled with people, dogs, cyclists and dreamers.”

CHAPT 11- I Kissed a Girl

“The wonderful thing about the universe is that you always end up getting what you need, not necessarily what you want. It has this way of sending you “gifts,” should you choose to look at them that way. And that is exactly what happened to me when I found myself standing outside a New York City bar one early autumn day, kissing a woman.”

CHAPT 12- Finding Love

“My mind raced over the likelihood of finding love online…what was that number again? Shit, I couldn’t remember. The bartender brought me a fruity cocktail with a weird name from the extensive menu. I sipped it. Sipped it again. And then, my future wife came into view.”

CHAPT 13- Festering Wounds

“Of the thousands of pieces of information that my senses captured every day, my awareness would focus only on the ones that poked my learned pain. I walked around with an open wound, focusing only on the things that bumped into it because those were the ones that caused most pain.  That meant I would only be bothered by situations that would target my wound.”

CHAPT 14- When the Mind Commands

“While I was busy writing about external freedoms, my soul remained trapped. I was a prisoner held captive by my own mind. I mused about freedom, while remaining completely ignorant of my own prison. I kept talking about freedom as if I were an expert on the subject but then refused to acknowledge the jail cell I had chosen to live in most of my life.”

CHAPT 15- When The Soul Talks to Closed Ears

“I wish I had listened to the rumblings. We all should. When you are doing something that causes you discomfort, it is most likely your soul speaking. I know it can seem like a monumental task to sit quietly and observe your inner world. Eventually, you will be forced to do it. Who will force you? Life.”

CHAPT 16- Another Loss

“She was awake long enough to kiss me multiple times and say “I love you” in broken English. And then she slipped into unconsciousness again. We stayed at her bedside constantly. She would never been alone. We knew Vo probably wanted to die alone, but none of us could bear leaving the room.”

CHAPT 17- Married on The Island

“I was also fully aware of the importance of my wedding on the island community. Our marriage was only the second same-sex union to take place on the island since Portugal had passed a gay marriage bill. Prior to arriving on the island, I was nervous and afraid of being judged by my island community.”

CHAPT 18- Ignoring My Soul

“As a result, I decided to pursue a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), universally considered the benchmark degree for anyone with pretentions at entrepreneurship or corporate life. My ego told me I wanted to enter this world. But my soul is that of a healer’s. What the heck was I thinking?”

CHAPT 19- The Seat of Awareness

“Although your mind is constantly talking, there is one skill you can acquire that will decrease the chatter significantly and thereby change your life completely. You simply stop identifying with the endless thoughts in your head or allowing yourself to be drawn into the dramas your brain creates.”

CHAPT 20- Life Gives and Life Takes Away

“Ah, life. It gives, and it takes away. Just one week after Valentine’s Day, I noticed a change in Catherine. I could feel it with every cell in my body. She was physically there, but she wasn’t there.”

CHAPT 21- The Heart Is Cracked Open

“I was in excruciating pain and I was broken open. This time, my suffering was so deep that it completely cracked my mental model and exposed it for the lie it created, the illusion of control.”

CHAPT 22- Keeping My Heart Open

“No matter what other pain life sent me, I was resolute on facing it with an open heart. Since living with a closed heart had caused me so much pain and not prevented loss, I was decided to do something different. I had nothing to lose.”

CHAPT 23- Communication With Heaven

“I wrote down everything I could remember. I didn’t really know where I was going, but I assumed my field was Heaven because I felt a peace and contentment that I had never felt in life. I also felt a deep love that was absolutely unconditional.”

CHAPT 24- Under Construction

“Over time, I began to develop my skill of communication with the other side. My eyes trembled and shook now whenever I ascended to my field. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, but the old fear was dissipating.”

CHAPT 25- “You Are Not a Victim”

“A friend from school had offered me her couch a month before, but I was reluctant. Yet with my recent “click”, I decided to take her up on her offer. I also decided to go to my graduation ceremony. You are not a victim. There was no way I was going to miss the last day of the most difficult academic year of my life.”

CHAPT 26- Resting Among the Redwoods

“It was so therapeutic to be amongst the great redwoods. Those trees humbled me. They were breathtakingly enormous and had been standing for decades, even hundreds of years. I felt like a little girl back on the islands. Nature really does have a way of teaching us the meaning of ‘present moment’ living.”

CHAPT 27- Proof From Heaven

“How could I survive by just writing the book and hoping life would plop something great on my doorstep? In the end, I decided to trust in faith. Following my ego’s direction hadn’t worked out so well, so perhaps faith and blind hope would.”

CHAPT 28- Dropping Attachments

“Most of us believe we need something outside of us in order to be happy. Our partners, families, friends, jobs, achievements, holidays and gadgets are all badges of happy achievement. And yet, I was starting to realize just how precarious such tenuous attachments are, when it comes to our happiness.”

CHAPT 29- A Central Park Wedding

“It was excruciatingly difficult to remain somewhat unaffected, while simultaneously greeting guests as they arrived. Keep it together. I was marrying two close friends and the thought of messing up their perfect day with my own drama was causing a bit of anxiety.”

CHAPT 30- Living in The Present Moment

“Sometimes, living in the present moment can seem esoteric. What does this even mean? Aren’t we always present in the present? What it means is that you live every moment as if it were your last. Now, before you go grab your bucket list from the drawer, we’re not talking about skydiving or jumping off a cliff.”

CHAPT 31- Falling in Love Again

“I calmly put the dish I was washing down and walked over to Susana, in the dining room. I gently caught her hand and guided her to the next room. Once there, I didn’t say a single word. I just pulled her body close to mine and kissed her.”

CHAPT 32- Loving Without Attachment

“Even surrounded by loved ones, we should always be aware and accept our aloneness. Why? Because when you do, you cease to need anything or anyone else in order to be happy and you will never be lonely.”

CHAPT 33- Heading Up and Over

“I had turned down a job prospect that wasn’t part of my path. That felt good. I had allowed my soul to command me and although the destination was as yet uncertain, I had faith!”

CHAPT 34- Surrender

“Think about what’s going on in your life and think about all the things you’ve labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Maybe you’re in debt. Perhaps your marriage is falling apart. It could be that you’re having trouble with your kids, your boss or best friend. Now, remove the labels.”

CHAPT 35- Seeing The Past

“I was finally acknowledging the biggest wound of my life, where my profound fear of loss was born.  I had talked about my past, but only glossed the surface, the events and people, but not the pain they caused.”

CHAPT 36- Turning Every Single Stone

“I always had a choice. It was exciting to turn over another stone in my life, to let another aspect of me see the light. I was going to learn how to live in love and yet non-attached from people and everything else, including my own emotions.”

CHAPT 37- Life is a Glorious Mess!

“For the first time in my life, I am utterly and completely open to what life sends my way. I do not wish to control the events that come and I walk my path with my beautiful heart laying gently on my open hand.”


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