How One Woman Learned to Channel the Universe

"This book is a searingly honest account of how a lost and angry little girl learned to accept her gifts and tap into love by channeling the spiritual realm. You won’t want to put it down."

- Julie Beun, Editor
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Book Overview

Over the Edge tells the story of a little girl who experienced the world in a vastly different way, yet through fear and rejection, caused her to close the beautiful connection she had with expanded consciousness. As she grew up and reinforced her scientific mind, the rejection of her true essence became unbearable and caused a great deal of suffering in her life. Until one day, the universe brought an event so painful that it cracked her mental models and all of the certainties she had.

And it was from a heart broken open that she found her true identity.



“Imagine standing on a stage in a filled stadium. Someone passes you a microphone. You know that whatever you say will be heard all over the stadium and perhaps beyond. Now, imagine you can only say one full sentence before the sound is turned off. What would you say?”

Chapter 1

Little Miracles

“I can still feel my childish openness as if it were just yesterday. I lived life with endless enthusiasm, every new experience presenting itself as something extraordinary. Yet my open heart would also become the portal for things that would end up devastating my world many years later.”

Chapter 2

North Atlantic Islands

“I remember looking out my bedroom window and seeing the immensity of that raging ocean in the winter. The size of the waves put my little ego on notice. At times, when hurricane-type storms would pass through the islands, I could hear the winds whispering to me: ‘Remember your place.’”

Chapter 3

Closing and Anger

“As my little girls’ body changed to that of a young woman, I felt another transformation happening inside me. The mental model young Tina had devised to keep her family together was starting to crack. I had lived with so much fear and terror from the voice in my head warning of my father’s imminent death.”

Chapter 4

It’s Hard to Say “I Love You”

“As the tears rolled down my face, I looked up: “I love you, Daddy. Please open the door.” Miraculously, he turned his head, looked straight at me and gently pulled the lock. It was the first time I had ever told my father I loved him.”

Chapter 5

The Crash

“I was 16 years old when my world was ripped wide open. It was a weekend and as usual, I was sleeping in. Through my drowsy fog, I heard howling, piercing screaming. Something was wrong.”

Chapter 6

The Descent into Darkness

“The voice in my head had always been there, but on this day it transformed into something darker, deeper. Before, my self-loathing felt like a nuisance that was tolerated. But on this day, it became my enemy, constantly telling me how horrible I was and how I didn’t deserve to be loved.”

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The Testimonials

Here’s what readers have to say about Over the Edge!

Julie Beun

When Tina asked me to edit her manuscript and collaborate on this project, it became clear very quickly that she is not only the 'real deal', but a passionate and joyful teacher.
Over the Edge stands out as a proud marker of truth and love.

Katherine Deats

Over the Edge is hard to put down. The story is heartbreaking at times, inspirational and thought provoking. It's a well written book with messages that stay with you long after you've put it down.

Jodi Daley

It seems that Heaven is closer than I thought. Lopes has written an always frank, sometimes funny, and joyfully honest book about a journey that, in this case is particular to her. But as she so aptly shows, is possible for any of us. A wonderful first work. I look forward to more.

Victoria Mcnichol Kelly

Over the Edge is an intimate memoir of a soul's journey through pain to love.
By offering up her own life as a roadmap for us all to witness, Christina weaves a deeply personal tale of the transformative power of self-love.

Courtney Mitchell

Christina's story is at once heartbreaking, fascinating, and inspiring. Her enthusiasm and excitement for the spiritual lessons she has learned is infectious, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to "tag along" on her personal journey through this book. It's clear this journey has only just begun!

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About the Author

Christina was born in California but raised in Portugal’s breathtaking Azores Islands. Educated in the United States, she spent almost a decade working as a pediatric physical therapist, before a significant life event triggered her “awakening”. She is now living her life’s purpose as an energy healer, channel, and spiritual teacher.

Her newly released book, "Over the Edge: How One Woman Learned to Channel the Universe", is the first in a series.

Christina Lopes

Christina holds a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy (PT, DPT) from New York University, and a Master's Degree in Public Health (MPH) from John's Hopkins University.

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